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IEEE Quantum Sponsorship Highlight: 2022 Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon

IEEE Quantum is proud to have been a sponsor for the Quantum Science and Technology Hackathon 2022 (QSTH).  Running from August through the end of November 2022, the hackathon was based in India, but attracted participants from around the globe, making the event an international success. Read more about the goals, participants and winners of this event on IEEE Quantum's QSTH highlight page.

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Image: IBM’s quantum-computing system has a cryostat at its centre to cool the quantum chip.

IBM’s quantum-computing system has a cryostat at its centre to cool the quantum chip.Credit: IBM

Underdog technologies gain ground in quantum-computing race

Individual atoms trapped by optical ‘tweezers’ are emerging as a promising computational platform.

The race to build practical quantum computers might be entering a new phase. Some of the front-runner technologies are now facing size constraints, and others are rapidly coming up from behind.


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Technology Spotlight

cleaning up the atmosp

Cleaning up the atmosphere with quantum computing

14 March 2023

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere increases daily with no sign of stopping or slowing. Too much of civilization depends on the burning of fossil fuels, and even if we can develop a replacement energy source, much of the damage has already been done. Without removal, the carbon dioxide already in the atmosphere will continue to wreak havoc for centuries....

In an article published in AVS Quantum Science on March 14, researchers from the National Energy Technology Laboratory and the University of Kentucky deployed an algorithm to study amine reactions through quantum computing. The algorithm can be run on an existing quantum computer to find useful amine compounds for carbon capture more quickly.

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