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WIE ILC Spotlight Quantum Revolution

IEEE Women In Engineering ILC
Spotlight Session: Quantum Revolution Led by Women in Tech
01 June 2022 | Recorded Event

Take a journey into the technological revolution centered around Quantum. Learn how quantum computing has the potential to exceed classical computing capabilities. This panel of experts from academia, government, and industry share their perspectives and experiences on quantum computing and its impacts and real world applications.

This special session of the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (ILC) is now available to view on demand.

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Feature Article

Spectrum 2022.06.08 Entanglement

What is Quantum Entanglement?

Skip the heady and abstract physics lectures. Let’s talk about socks.

When pushed to explain why quantum computers can outspeed classical computers, stories about quantum computing often invoke a mysterious property called “entanglement.” Qubits, the reader is assured, can somehow be quantum mechanically entangled such that they depend on one another. 

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Technology Spotlight

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President Biden Announce Two Presidential Directives Advancing Quantum Technologies

May 2022, U.S. President Biden recently signed both the Executive Order on Enhancing National Quantum Initiative Advisorty Committee, and the National Security Memorandum on Promoting United States Leadership in Quantum Computing While Mitigating Risks to Vulnerable Cryptographic Systems.

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