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WIE ILC Spotlight Quantum Revolution

IEEE Women In Engineering ILC
Spotlight Session: Quantum Revolution Led by Women in Tech
01 June 2022 | Recorded Event

Take a journey into the technological revolution centered around Quantum. Learn how quantum computing has the potential to exceed classical computing capabilities. This panel of experts from academia, government, and industry share their perspectives and experiences on quantum computing and its impacts and real world applications.

This special session of the IEEE Women in Engineering International Leadership Conference (ILC) is now available to view on demand.

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Feature Article

IBM Quantum scientist Dr. Maika Takita in the Thomas J Watson Research Center IBM Quantum Lab. (Photo Credit: Connie Zhou for IBM)

IBM Quantum scientist Dr. Maika Takita in the Thomas J Watson Research Center IBM Quantum Lab. (Credit: Connie Zhou for IBM)

An IBM Quantum Computer Will Soon Pass the 1,000-Qubit Mark

The Condor processor is just one quantum-computing advance slated for 2023

IBM’s Condor, the world’s first universal quantum computer with more than 1,000 qubits, is set to debut in 2023. The year is also expected to see IBM launch Heron, the first of a new flock of modular quantum processors that the company says may help it produce quantum computers with more than 4,000 qubits by 2025.


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Technology Spotlight

Duality Quantum Abstract Image

Quantum – Are We There (or Close) Yet? No, Says the Panel

19 November 2022

For all of its politeness, a fascinating panel on the last day of SC22 – Quantum Computing: A Future for HPC Acceleration? – mostly served to illustrate the wariness of quantum computing felt by significant portions of the HPC community and the enthusiasm felt by those directly involved in quantum computing development.

About the only thing really agreed upon was quantum computing remains very young and that there has been a tremendous amount of hype surrounding it.

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