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IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Information Theory (JSAIT)
Quantum Information Science - Submission Deadline: 1 February 2020

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Special Issue on Quantum Computing - Submission Deadline: 1 March 2020


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Computer, June 2019 - Quantum Realism
Computer, June 2019,
Quantum Realism
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, November 2018 - Into the Quantum Realm
IEEE Consumer Electronics Magazine, November 2018,
Into the Quantum Realm
IEEE Security and Privacy, September/October 2018 - Postquantum Cryptography
IEEE Security & Privacy,
September/October 2018,
Postquantum Cryptography
IEEE Spectrum, March 2018 - Your Guide to Television’s Quantum-Dot Future
IEEE Spectrum, March 2018,
Your Guide to Television’s
Quantum-Dot Future

IEEE White Papers & Reports

IEEE Quantum Computing Summit White Paper
IEEE Future Directions - August 2018

The IEEE Future Directions Committee has a long history of working with industry, academia and national laboratories to use its role as an impartial player to catalyze the development of important new technologies. The Committee brings together stakeholders for meetings in new areas of interest to the IEEE to determine where the Institute might make a contribution. Once the meeting has concluded, the Committee uses a summit output whitepaper to help it decide what technologies to incubate.

This whitepaper is the output of an IEEE Future Directions Quantum Computing Summit (QCS), held in Atlanta, GA, USA in August 2018. It was attended by 40 major players in quantum sciences from both the public and private sectors.

The summit chairs are Travis Humble and Erik DeBenedictis.

Download the white paper (PDF, 205 KB)


An IEEE Framework for Metrics and Benchmarks of Quantum Computing

Recent experimental demonstrations of quantum computing have passed significant milestones in the design, fabrication, and operation of small-scale quantum computing devices. These advances underscore the need to track technical progress in this field and to forecast future developments in quantum engineering research. Such insights are necessary to guide the decisions of policy makers and technology stakeholders as well to monitor the overall growth of the quantum research community.

The IEEE Rebooting Computing Initiative is requesting comments on the document “An IEEE Framework for Metrics and Benchmarks of Quantum Computing,” Version 0.2. The purpose of the document is to outline a framework by which the continuing progress in quantum engineering can be monitored by the broader quantum computing community. Comments on the proposed scope, structure, and implementation of the framework from all parts of the quantum computing community are welcome.

Download the published document: An IEEE Framework for Metrics and Benchmarks of Quantum Computing (PDF, 116 KB)