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Computer - Special Issue on Quantum Realism

Computer - Special Issue on Quantum RealismThe June 2019 issue of Computer examines what has been accomplished in quantum computing, ideas that have been demonstrated, and where the path to the future lies. Access articles from this issue below.

EIC's Introduction: Exploring the Current State of Quantum Computing (Open Access)
Quantum Realism (Open Access)
A Hybrid Approach for Solving Optimization Problems on Small Quantum Computers
Really Small Shoe Boxes: On Realistic Quantum Resource Estimation
Practical Annealing-Based Quantum Computing
Reduction-Based Problem Mapping for Quantum Computing
Stochastic Optimization of Quantum Programs


2019 IEEE Quantum Meeting

2019 IEEE Quantum Meeting1-2 May 2019 | Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA

We explored the latest advancements in quantum technologies at the 2019 IEEE Quantum Meeting in Gaithersburg.

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2018 IEEE Quantum Computing Summit White Paper

IEEE Quantum Computing Summit White Paper
IEEE Future Directions - August 2018

The IEEE Future Directions Committee has a long history of working with industry, academia and national laboratories to use its role as an impartial player to catalyze the development of important new technologies. The Committee brings together stakeholders for meetings in new areas of interest to the IEEE to determine where the Institute might make a contribution. Once the meeting has concluded, the Committee uses a summit output whitepaper to help it decide what technologies to incubate.

This whitepaper is the output of an IEEE Future Directions Quantum Computing Summit (QCS), held in Atlanta, GA, USA in August 2018. It was attended by 40 major players in quantum sciences from both the public and private sectors.

The summit chairs are Travis Humble and Erik DeBenedictis.

Download the white paper (PDF, 205 KB)


News Articles

World's First "Quantum Drone" for Impenetrable Air-to-Ground Data Links Takes Off
IEEE Spectrum - June 2019

Chinese researchers are developing an airborne quantum communications network with drones as nodes

In China, quantum communications networks are currently in development with a newly-developed eight-rotor octocopter drone, complete with an onboard quantum communication system, serving as an airborne node.

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Quantum Realism
Computer - June 2019

In this issue, we take a look at quantum computing: what has been accomplished and what is its future. We present a collection of views about the realistic challenges facing the future of quantum computing.

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Exploring the Current State of Quantum Computing
Computer - June 2019

Quantum computing promises to help us someday reach impressive computing speed. In this introduction to the June 2019 special issue of Computer, Editor-in-Chief David Alan Grier explains briefly what quantum computing is and discusses future applications for its use.

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A Faster Way to Rearrange Atoms Could Lead to Powerful Quantum Sensors
IEEE Spectrum - June 2019

The technique is also more accurate than the traditional method of poking atoms with the tip of a scanning electron microscope

"The fine art of adding impurities to silicon wafers lies at the heart of semiconductor engineering and, with it, much of the computer industry. But this fine art isn’t yet so finely tuned that engineers can manipulate impurities down to the level of individual atoms."

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