What's New - 2017


IEEE Talks Big Data: Whurley
IEEE Big Data - December 2017

Quantum computing has been in development for decades but some vendors are starting to offer commercial products. How long before quantum computers become something that's common in at least large enterprises and government agencies? And what are the barriers to adoption? Cost? The learning curve of quantum computing?

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The Endless Possibilities for Quantum Computing
Beyond Standards - November 2017

"From creating new vaccines to smart city applications, the promise of quantum computing is almost endless. For example, researchers are working on a quantum computing platform that can detect traffic jams 45 minutes before they occur. However to realize the potential of quantum computing, standardization on fundamental quantum concepts is necessary, so the IEEE P7130™—Standard for Quantum Computing Definitions project was launched."

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Artificial Intelligence’s Potential Will Be Realized by Quantum Computing
The Institute - May 2017

New tools to transform the way we analyze, store, and manipulate data for AI systems

"Over the last decade, advances in computing have given us a teaser of what artificial intelligence is capable of. Through machine learning, algorithms can learn on their own using large amounts of real-time data. These algorithms can answer myriad questions, including what we should buy, what we should watch, and who we should date. However, the true benefits of AI and machine learning are yet to be discovered, and they extend to more impactful application areas such as computer vision, speech recognition, and medicine."

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What’s Next? Going Beyond Moore’s Law
Beyond Standards - February 2017

"Conditioning consumers to expect certain advances in speed, battery life, and capabilities, Moore’s Law has led the way for the computing industry for decades."

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Why Quantum Physics Could Hold a Cure for Battery Drain
IEEE Xplore Innovation Spotlight - July 2015

Incorporating quantum physics in simulation tools used to design transistors may help lead to a new generation of energy efficient devices that require less frequent charging.

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