IEEE Quantum Technical Community (QTC) was an IEEE Future Directions initiative launched in 2019 that serves as IEEE's leading community for all projects and activities on quantum technologies. IEEE Quantum is supported by leadership and representation across IEEE Societies and OUs. The initiative has developed a project plan to address the current landscape of quantum technologies, identify challenges and opportunities, leverage and collaborate with existing initiatives, engage the quantum community at large, and sustain the Quantum Initiative in the long-term.


IEEE Quantum Steering Committee

QTC Executive Committee Chair: Hausi Müller, University of Victoria
Vice Chair: Greg Byrd, NC State University
Treasurer: Candace Culhane, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Conference Chair: Travis Humble, Oak Ridge National Laboratories
Outreach Chair: Luu Nguyen, PsiQuantum
Steering Committee Hausi Muller, University of Victoria
Candace Culhane, Los Alamos National Laboratory
Travis Humble, Oak Ridget National Laboratory
Luu Nguyen, Psi Quantum
Greg Byrd, NC State University
Bert de Jong, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Yuri Alexeev, Argonne National Laboratory
Andrea Delgado, Oak Ridget National Laboratory
Scott Koziol, Baylor University
Rafael Sotelo, University of Montevideo
Carmen Saliba, IEEE Computer Society
Michelle Tubb, IEEE Computer Society
Silvia Ceballos, IEEE Computer Society
Melissa Russell, IEEE Computer Society
Kathy Grise, IEEE Future Directions
William Tonti, IEEE Future Directions
Michael Brodsky, U.S. Army Research Laboratory
Lajos Hanzo, University of Southampton
Paul Berger, The Ohio State University
Andy Chen, Redds Capital
Britton Plourde, Syracuse University
Bruce Kraemer, IEEE Quantum Initiative
Reena Dayal Yadav, Quantum Ecosystems Technology Council of India
Elena Yndurain, QunaSys, Japan
Enrico Prati, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR)
Brian Kirk, IEEE Computer Society
Program Manager Brian Kirk, IEEE Computer Society  

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Participating OUs

IEEE Communications Society IEEE Computer SocietyIEEE Council on Superconductivity

IEEE Electronics Packaging SocietyIEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques SocietyIEEE Photonics Society ieee future directions 160x105

IEEE Signal Processing SocietyIEEE Standards AssociationIEEE CTSoc 488x156x72 IEEE EDS 700x350x72 

IEEE PES 700x350x72 IEEE TEMS 700x350x72



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