Quantum AI Sustainability Symposium

Quantum AI Sustainability Symposium


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Welcome to the Quantum AI Sustainability Symposium. We invite the greatest forward-thinking thought leaders defining the future of Sustainability Excellence, Quantum Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. This international conference is the platform for the exchange of thought-provoking ideas by global innovators shaping industries of the future.

Maëva Ghonda, Chair
Dr. Michele Mosca, Co-Chair



1 September 2021 • Virtual Event

10:00am - 2:00pm ET (UTC -4:00)

  1. Chair’s Opening Remarks: Maëva Ghonda (Quantum AI Institute / Democratic Republic of the Congo)
  2. Keynote Speaker: Dr. Lucas Joppa (Microsoft / USA) - 40 minutes 
    Interviewer: Maëva Ghonda
  3. Keynote Speaker: Ms. Jenny Bofinger-Schuster (Siemens / Germany)
    Interviewer: Maëva Ghonda
  4. Invited Speakers
    1. Dr. Yehuda Naveh (Classiq / Israel) and Mr. Masayoshi Terabe (Sumitomo Corporation / Japan)
    2. Dr. Mark Nicholas Jones (Molecular Quantum Solutions / Denmark)
    3. q4climate.org Co-Founders
      1. Dr. Karl Thibault (q4climate.org / Canada)
      2. Mr. Michał Stęchły (q4climate.org)
      3. Dr. Nicolas Sawaya (q4climate.org)
    4. Dr. Michele Mosca (evolutionQ / Canada)
  5. Round Table Discussion
    1. Moderator: Raghunath Koduvayur (IQM Quantum Computers / India / Finland)
    2. Dr. Michele Mosca (evolutionQ / Canada)
    3. Dr. Yehuda Naveh (Classiq / Israel)
    4. Ms. Rachel Taylor (SB Quantum / Canada)
    5. Dr. Mark Nicholas Jones (Molecular Quantum Solutions / Denmark)
    6. Dr. Fengqi You (Cornell University / USA)
    7. Dr. Karl Thibault (Institut Quantique / q4climate.org / Canada)
  6. Closing Remarks




Maeva GhondaMs. Maëva Ghonda, Chair

Born in the magnetic capital city of Kinshasa that is nestled in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) — the heart of Africa — Maëva Ghonda is a Sustainability Scientist. Maëva is the founder and the chief executive of the Quantum AI Institute. She is also the editor of the IEEE Quantum Newsletter and the founder of the flagship Quantum Computing Certificate Education Program for Workforce Development and the Quantum Executive Interview Series that is sponsored by IEEE.

Maëva’s passion for quantum computing was ignited while working as Quantum Scholar for the Joint Quantum Institute (JQI) for a National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Fellow. Prior to quantum, Maëva worked as a cybersecurity consultant and as an engineer in aerospace.



Conference Co-Chair and Invited Speaker

Dr. Michele MoscaDr. Michele Mosca, CEO, evolutionQ Inc.

Dr. Michele Mosca is the Chief Executive Officer of evolutionQ Inc., an inventor, a professor, and the co-founder of the Institute for Quantum Computing at the University of Waterloo. He has made significant contributions to the development of quantum computer algorithms and he pioneered implementations of quantum algorithms using nuclear magnetic resonance.

Dr. Mosca earned his PhD in Mathematics in 1999 from Oxford on the topic of Quantum Computer Algorithms. His research interests include quantum computation and cryptographic tools. He is globally recognized for his drive to help academia, industry and government prepare our cyber systems to be safe in an era with quantum computers. Dr. Mosca’s countless awards and honors include the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in 2013 and a Knighthood in the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic in 2018.


Keynote Speakers

Dr. Lucas JoppaDr. Lucas Joppa, Chief Environmental Officer, Microsoft

Dr. Lucas Joppa leads the development and execution of Microsoft’s sustainability strategy across its worldwide business. In this role, he drives Microsoft’s core commitment to sustainability through ongoing technology innovation.

Abstract: During this keynote, Dr. Lucas Joppa, Microsoft's Chief Environmental Officer, will discuss the company's ambitious sustainability goals and the increasingly important role of Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence, and Big Data in measuring, managing and modeling environmental impact for a sustainable, net-zero future. This keynote will include a discussion of some of the challenges and opportunities ahead as well as best practices, standards and case studies.



Ms. Jenny Bofinger-SchusterMs. Jenny Bofinger-Schuster, Senior Vice President for Sustainability and Operational Excellence, Siemens

Ms. Jenny Bofinger-Schuster is the Senior Vice President for Sustainability and Operational Excellence at Siemens AG. Ms. Bofinger-Schuster leads this corporate department which drives and shapes crucial activities for the new chapter of Siemens AG. Her responsibility covers the company’s global sustainability program and its implementation. Her focus encompasses resource and energy efficiency, sustainability management and Siemens’ Business to Society approach, addressing the challenges caused by urbanization, climate change and globalization.

Abstract: During this keynote, Ms. Jenny Bofinger-Schuster will share Siemens’ sustainability strategy and the corporation’s ambition to combine the real and the digital worlds to empower its customers to transform their industries. Siemens helps its customers in the areas of industry, transportation and infrastructure to achieve their sustainability goals, using its technology with purpose and expertise in the fields of industrial IoT, Artificial Intelligence and other core technologies. The presentation will include a discussion on some of the challenges and opportunities ahead as well as proof points and best practices.


Q&A Panel Moderator

Mr. Raghunath KoduvayurMr. Raghunath Koduvayur, Chief Marketing Officer, IQM Quantum Computers

Mr. Raghunath Koduvayur is a sales and marketing leader who serves on the board of the Finland-India Trade Association and a member of several startup boards. Currently, he’s building the future of quantum technologies as the Head of Marketing and Communications, at IQM Quantum Computers.

Over the last two decades, Mr. Koduvayur has held several business leadership positions within Fortune 100 companies, including Head of customer sell-in for the Lumia devices, Asia Pacific at Microsoft, Global product marketing and developer marketing leadership at Nokia, and Head of Marketing Strategy at Tieto. As an entrepreneur, he has founded a predictive shopping startup and successfully led the global sales and marketing for a preventive healthcare startup - Neosmart Health. Raghunath has managed Europe and Asia Pacific regions and lived in Hong Kong and India. He has been living in Finland since 2008.


Invited Speakers

Dr. Yehuda NavehDr. Yehuda Naveh, Chief Technology Officer, Classiq Technologies

Dr. Yehuda Naveh is the CTO and co-founder of Classiq Technologies. He earned a B.Sc. in physics and math, M.Sc. in experimental physics, and Ph.D. in theoretical quantum physics, all from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel.

Before joining Classiq, Yehuda was a research scientist at Stony Brook University in New York and a Research Staff Member at IBM Research in Haifa, Israel. Dr. Naveh is the co-author of dozens of peer-reviewed research papers, and co-inventor of more than fifteen patents.




Mr. Masayoshi TerabeMr. Masayoshi Terabe, Head of Quantum Transformation (QX), Sumitomo Corporation

Mr. Masayoshi Terabe, is the head of Quantum Transformation (QX) for the Sumitomo Corporation. He is also Associate Visiting Professor at Tohoku University in Japan.

Mr. Terabe received his M.S. in Quantum Engineering from Nagoya University in 2007 and has 13 years of engineering experience at DENSO Corporation. In 2020, he joined Sumitomo Corporation and launched a project to create a new business using quantum computing. He had been leading application demonstrations of quantum computing in mobility services, factories and air mobility control.

Abstract: Creating sustainable transportation, energy, and smart cities with quantum computers and advanced tools
During this presentation, Mr. Terabe Masayoshi and Dr. Yehuda Naveh will discuss the promise of quantum computing in general and its possible merits for a sustainable society in particular. They will demonstrate example applications, discuss quantum computing solutions for those applications, and the challenges in reaching these solutions. They will present a path to approach these challenges through high-level modeling of the applications in question, and automatic synthesis of the required quantum circuits. This is a joint work of the Sumitomo Corporation and Classiq Technologies.


Rachel TaylorMs. Rachel Taylor, Chief Operating Officer, SBQuantum

Ms. Rachel Taylor is the Chief Operating Officer and the co-founder of SBQuantum, a quantum start-up bringing a novel Magnetic Intelligence platform which aims to ‘Reveal the Invisible’ for clients. At SBQ she has been championing user centred methodologies, driving cultural transition as the team adjusts from lab to start-up and securing multiple pilot opportunities. Rachel has a background in innovation, previously working as an innovation manager at a London advertising agency helping adtech start-ups refine their value proposition for clients and winning business from multinational brands. She has since graduated from her MBA at University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management where she ran two clubs, made the Dean’s List of her graduating class, guest lectured in strategy and innovation and won 4 awards for leadership and academic achievement. When not learning about quantum physics you can find her hiking or anywhere outside!


Dr. Mark Nicholas JonesDr. Mark Nicholas Jones, CEO, Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS)

Dr. Mark Nicholas Jones is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Molecular Quantum Solutions (MQS). In 2019, he co-founded MQS in Denmark to integrate quantum chemistry calculations for property prediction with higher-layer applications such as computer aided molecular design and unit operation modelling.

Dr. Jones earned his PhD from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). His interests include: Quantum Chemistry, Machine Learning, Process Systems Engineering, and Software Development.



Fengqi YouDr. Fengqi You, Professor, Cornell University

Dr. Fengqi You is the Roxanne E. and Michael J. Zak Professor at Cornell University, and he is affiliated with the Graduate Fields of Chemical Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Operations Research and Information Engineering, Systems Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Civil and Environmental Engineering, and Applied Mathematics. Dr. You also serves as the chair of PhD Studies in Cornell Systems Engineering and the associate director of the Cornell Energy Systems Institute. He has published more than 200 peer-reviewed journal articles, and has an h-index of 65. He is an award-winning scholar and teacher, and has received over 15 national/international awards to recognize his research and educational accomplishments. One of his research interests is quantum computing for optimization and machine learning, with applications to energy systems and climate.



Dr. Karl ThibaultDr. Karl Thibault, Co-Founder, q4climate.org

Dr. Karl Thibault is a member of the development team at the Institut Quantique (IQ) de l'Université de Sherbrooke as Program Manager for Science and Entrepreneurship. Having received his PhD in physics from this organization in 2019, he now actively contributes to the development of quantum science from a broader perspective. Locally, he has contributed to the emergence of an entrepreneurial culture within the IQ through the creation of the Horizon IQ series, which aims to present diverse career paths and models.

Dr. Thibault is currently working on the implementation of new training, mentoring and scientific popularization programs with the goal of empowering graduate students, as well as the democratization of quantum technologies. He is deeply interested and involved in the ethical development of quantum technologies and in their potential application to key societal issues such as climate change.


Mr. Michal StechlyMr. Michał Stęchły, Co-Founder, q4climate.org

Mr. Michał Stęchły is co-founder of q4climate.org. He is also a quantum software engineer at Zapata Computing, where he writes scientific software for quantum computing. His main interests are variational algorithms, optimization, software design, and data visualization. Michał is very active in the quantum computing community and involved in various organizations, including: Quantum Open-Source Foundation, Unitary Fund and Q4Climate.

Abstract: Rapidly developing quantum technologies in computing, sensing, and communication could become useful tools to diagnose and help mitigate the effects of climate change. However, the intersection between climate and quantum sciences remains largely unexplored. We, the Q4Climate initiative, have published a preliminary report that aims to identify potential high-impact use-cases of quantum technologies for climate change with a focus on four main areas: simulating physical systems, combinatorial optimization, sensing, and energy efficiency. We will provide an overview of the relevant research questions and next steps explored in our report, in the hope that they provide a useful resource towards connecting the climate and quantum science communities as well as addressing key climate change related problems.


Dr. Nicolas SawayaDr. Nicolas Sawaya, Co-Founder, q4climate.org

Dr. Nicolas Sawaya is a staff research scientist at Intel Labs. He received his Ph.D. in chemical physics and MA in physics from Harvard University, after receiving a B.S. in mechanical engineering and a B.S. in chemistry from UC San Diego. He has authored publications on quantum algorithms, exciton dynamics, materials design, and other topics. He is currently focused on developing quantum algorithms for machine learning and simulation of physics/chemistry/materials as well as new approaches for classical simulation of chemistry and materials.